ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

GRAND PRIZE, Torino International Film Festival

GOLD MIKELDI, Bilbao International Film Festival

GOLD MEDAL, San Francisco Film Festival

SATURN AWARD, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA


GRAFFITI   "Matthew Patrick’s Oscar Nominated adaptation of a Julio Cortazar story is a shining display of pure visual narrative, a romantic political parable, as powerful as it is poetic."   LOS ANGELES TIMES

TAINTED BLOOD  "This neat little thriller directed by Matthew Patrick makes a valiant effort to conceal the killer’s identity and keep the level of interest high as one revelation after another sets the pendulum swinging between suspects.”   CINEFANTASTIQUE

NIGHT OWL  “Jennifer Beales and James Wilder are a delight.”   VARIETY

TRIPTYCH  "Matthew Patrick utilized innovative and advanced techniques in this stunning visual and aural production that utilizes the music of Stravinsky.”   HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Matthew Patrick is concerned with the fusion of senses and sounds in his film TRIPTYCH, an experimental sensual movie that translates body language."   LOS ANGELES TIMES

ATRAPADOS (Trapped)  “is a staggering and haunting film, directed by Matthew Patrick.”    LOS ANGELES TIMES 

ATRAPADOS  (Trapped)  “Fascinating indie fantasy film."   VARIETY

ATRAPADOS (Trapped)  "A real hybrid - an apocalyptic, science-fantasy.  For an independent film, this is not only astoundingly original, but extremely well made, and so strange it's got to be believable.  Colorful, mysterious and unlike anything you've ever seen."   CITY PAGES

HIDER IN THE HOUSE   “Is a tense psychological suspense film which cannily explores family politics with sour wit and distinctly macabre conclusions.  Rogers and McKean are first-rate, but Busey in particular has seldom been better employed, his hulking physique a reminder of the tragic monsters of movie yore, immensely threatening but intrinsically vunerable.”   TIME OUT

HIDER IN THE HOUSE   “Patrick resists the clichéd mannerisms and overt violence of the contemporary horror movie in favor of uneasy intimacy, diffuse lighting and intelligent characterization.  Worth looking out for."   THE GUARDIAN

HIDER IN THE HOUSE   “Solid performances, intriguing plot and an interesting play on the 'villain or victim?' theme make director Matthew Patrick's film a delight trimmed with cunning and terror."   FILM MONTHLY

HIDER IN THE HOUSE  "Director Matthew Patrick shares Hitchcock's preference for the power of suspense over surprise: what grips an audience most is not knowing what's going to happen but how and when." SUNDAY TRIBUNE











Matthew Patrick is a bold and innovative creative professional working in the fields of film, photography and environmental art. Throughout his film career, from making shorts and webisodes to full-length features, Matthew has served as director, but often times the writer, editor and producer as well.

Matthew was born in Michigan to a Japanese mother and an American father. He was raised in Japan, India and the US., and considers himself a citizen of the world. “Often I did not understand the languages of the countries where I lived, so I became an astute observer, able to pick up visual cues to interpret different situations.” This ability has contributed significantly to his work as a visual artist.

MP nd Spielberg, n Saget STUDENT AMPAS. .jpg

He made TRIPTYCH as an undergraduate at Hampshire College which won a STUDENT ACADEMY AWARD, and gave him his first trip to Hollywood and to the Motion Picture Academy.

Upon graduation, Matthew moved to New York City where he lived in a raw loft in Soho, and joined the vibrant independent film and art scene. He honed his skills in directing actors by studying with Stella Adler. He was able to complete his first feature film, ATRAPADOS (Trapped), using an NEA Independent Filmmaker’s Grant. The film premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and represented the United States at the San Sebastian Film Festival. ATRAPADOS stars Julio Torresoto, who weighed 200 pounds at the beginning of shooting, and in the final scene he weighed 120 pounds. And it is real.


Matthew moved to Hollywood to attend the American Film Institute where he received his MFA in Directing. He made the dramatic short film GRAFFITI, which won numerous Gold Medals at prominent international film festivals, and was nominated for an Academy Award©.

He was selected to be a Director at the Sundance Film Institute June Lab, where he worked under Stanley Kramer and Robert Redford. He shot scenes from SHACKLES, which featured Joe Morton and Jane Kaszmeric.

Matthew started making multimillion dollar films with the thriller, HIDER IN THE HOUSE. It featured Gary Busey shortly after his Academy Award Nomination. Unfortunately HIDER IN THE HOUSE was his last great performance. 5 days after completing principal photography, Busey fell off his motorcycle and severely damaged his brain.

Matthew directed movies for cable including TAINTED BLOOD with Raquel Welch and LifeTime’s, NIGHT OWL with Jennifer Beals.

Matthew is an active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where he created and led the Future of Short Film Sub-Committee and has served on its Short Film/Feature Animation Category Executive Committee for over 25 years. He is a member of the Director’s Guild of America.


As his next movie project, he plans to shoot STRANDED at his 100 Acre property in Joshua Tree as his next movie project. Others in development include FACE, a Horror / Thriller set in the world of Fashion and Freaks. To see 1 min. teaser, go to Menu, select Current Projects, then select FACE.

As a still photographer, Matthew has taken hundreds of thousands of photos, exercising his keen eye and developing a distinctive style, whether the subject is a landscape, a person riding the subway or a futurist vision created by compositing many of his images.

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Matthew Patrick checking camera out at Shadow Ranch.

Matthew Patrick checking camera out at Shadow Ranch.

In the mid 1990’s Matthew purchased 10 parcels of pristine desert wilderness in Joshua Tree that sits adjacent to the national park. His 100 acre property was the site for SHADOWRANCH, (Huffington Post article), an artist colony and film set which was born in 1995 and is active today. He has been inspired by the terrain to create massive, environmental multimedia installations.

Matthew Patrick currently lives in Hollywood with his wife, son and daughter.